Specialist Factual Series

CAPTIVE  (Co-executive Producer)

Eight authored, one-hour doc-drama films for Netflix – one of their first major factual commissions – telling the stories of some of the most dramatic hostage crises of recent years.  Made by Lightbox (founded by double-Oscar-winning feature-doc producer Simon Chinn) in collaboration with Creative Executive Producer, Doug Liman & Hypnotic.

Specialist Factual Series - Captive     Specialist Factual Series - Captive



Creating the format for a 10 hour observational documentary series about a maverick vet in Denver, Colorado who offers pet care to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Hit series, recommissioned & series 2 now being made.

Animal Planet / Double Act TV

DARK MATTERS (Original Series Producer)

6 x 1 hr series – True stories from the dark history of science, from head transplants to the real Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Green screen / CGI drama documentary.

Discovery Science, UK & international co-producers / Wide-Eyed Entertainment

WHO WAS JESUS?  (Series Producer / Writer / Director)

3 x 1hr drama-doc series revealing the reality of life in 1st century Galilee and Judea – where Jesus was born, lived and was executed.

Discovery Channel US / Renegade Pictures

I SHOULDN’T BE ALIVE (Original Series Producer)

10 x 1 hr high-end drama-documentaries modelled on Touching the Void, telling remarkable, true stories of survival. US hit series with multiple recommissions.

Discovery Channel US / Channel 4 / Granada International / Darlow Smithson Productions

I shouldn't be alive      I shouldn't be alive


ATLAS 4D (Series Editor)

3 x 1hr high budget, landmark series – exploring the geology, anthropology and natural history of some of the world’s most dramatic regions – using extensive stae of the art CGI

Discovery Channel US / Darlow Smithson Productions / IMG Media-Endemol

Atlas 4D     Atlas 4D

TRUE HEROES (Original Series Producer )

                20 x 30 drama-documentaries about ordinary people who perform extraordinary acts of heroism

                Discovery Channel US / Darlow Smithson Productions / IMG Media


ANCIENT SUPERWEAPONS (Series Producer / Director)

Three one-hour films reconstructing giant, ancient siege weapons – – The Ram, The Claw & The City Destroyer – and testing them in action – featuring CGI & battle reconstructions.

                Discovery Channel US / Darlow Smithson Productions


SAS: THE REAL STORY – DESERT WAR & COUNTER TERRORISM  (Director / Writer / Producer / Lighting Camera)

Two films in a four x 1 hr series tracing the secret history of the special forces Regiment with exclusive access to former members & using extensive battle reconstructions. (Also)

C4 / Windfall Films


RED GOLD – MAGIC TO MEDICINE & BLOOD AND WAR  (Director / Writer / Producer)

Two films in a 4 x 1 hr series on the history of blood in science, commerce and culture, with dramatic recreations of episodes ranging from ancient history to World War Two

WNET / C4 / Optomen TV


Cooking and gardening series presented by Sophie Grigson

C4 / Wall to Wall TV



Current affairs magazine films on Albanian refugees, Marseilles cités, etc

C4 / Diverse / Baraclough Carey